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Lester Levensons' Secret Comeback - Will I am - Walking in a new Way to live.

An exciting story about experiences with masters on various planes of existence and in various forms.... is now available as a book. 

Born in the same year when Lester Levenson, an American Physicist, went from deadly illness to full healing by awakening to enlightenment within three months, Karin Wettig never believed in any religious or spiritual tradition. Driven by allergies, severe nutrition problems and pain, she was convinced that God existed neither in churches nor in the universe. Angry with her destiny, she set out to discover the truth behind all suffering. Lester Levenson’s self-realization intrigued her. As she couldn’t ask him in person, her research of several years led her intuition to unveil exciting coincidences that proved to her the magically inspiring power of spiritual masters and the hidden presence of Lester Levenson in a new form because nothing is impossible to a true master.

A. S. Karin Wettig's New Book

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Will I am - Lester Levenson's Secret Comeback to Earth 13. August 2013
Von Hannelore Klandt, New York - Veröffentlicht auf
When I bought some books from I found the book Will I am Lester Levenson's Secret Comeback to Earth. I read it and I am delighted, overjoyed and very happy that I found it. Such a wonderful, inspiring, uplifting book, full of knowledge and wisdom. The author Dr. Karin Wettig reveals her insights, intuition and helpfulness in many ways. How much I like this book, so I read it again and again and find inspiration. Dr. Wettig loves Lester Levenson's teachings and so do I. The revealation that he might have come back in William Linville is fascinating...
Thank you, dear Dr. Karin Wettig for your excellent uplifting, truth revealing work!!
5.0 von 5 Sternen Lester Levenson`s "Releasing technique" 10. Juni 2013
Von Kati Liebeskind, München - Veröffentlicht auf
I was deeply moved by Dr. A.S. Karin Wettig's book "Lester Levenson's Secret, Comeback - Will I am". Tears even welled up as I read her book.  In her book she not only describes all of the different facets of life, the challenging and difficult circumstances, but also shows processes of transformation. When we learn something from our life's challenges and use those challenges to create something new, a transforming process is possible, creating a better and more fulfilling life, a life in which we can just be and express ourselves in the way we really are.

Dr. Wettig's challenges led her to Lester Levenson. From his books and videos she learned about the "Releasing technique", a method that enables people to let go of old emotinal and mental blocks.
When Lester Levenson experienced a financial crisis that left him with no money to live on and health problems and sickness, he developed the "Releasing Technique". After he learned to let go of his own emotional and mental blocks, many people were attracted by his method and asked him for help. The description of Lester Levenson's life circumstances in Dr. Wettig's book shows the reader a totally new understanding. The reader realizes that everything in life is possible when we let go of our old thinking and feeling habits. The "Releasing Technique" liberates us from our restricting thoughts. Dr. Wettig also talks about reincarnation, about William Linville. When a soul moved into his dying body, all his sicknesses completely healed, all his cells renewed gradually and even his attitudes and habits changed. After Lester Levenson died, Dr. Wettig realized some of his words and ideas in William Linville's speeches to his audience. This is a clear evidence for Dr. Karin Wettig that energy is much stronger than physical matter.

I love this book because it enabled me to have a new vew into a new world, to believe in a world full of possibilities and self-confidence, a more fulfilling life full of happiness and harmony in which even miracles are possible.

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